sgrp 65 ax


The SGRP 65 stand-alone linear axis is a versatile device that can be adapted with many technologies and applications that use linear motion in their process.

With this ready-to-install set, composed of its mechanics, its control and its software, you will be able to automate your application systems in a simple and easy way.

Its motor unit includes a stepper motor, electronic control with an integrated sens0step magnetic encoder to check the precise position of the motor on a revolution. Operating in host and stand-alone mode, its programming is easily done in TMCL or CANopen with control and connection via USB, RS232 or RS485.

Its non-volatile program memory can hold up to 2,048 TMCL command instructions.

Two inputs and two outputs are available for external control.

The SGRP 65 is an innovative axis due to its both technological design with its programming / pilot / control assembly, its optimized ergonomics and its possible use on a multitude of applications for example to allow the movement of objects, control by camera, CIJ and TIJ inkjet printing and why not soon your own application.

For more information see the attached PDF file as well as the help sheet for choosing the SGRP race according to your project.

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